Gluten Free Food List

Need to know what should be on your gluten free food list? Here you will find a list of foods that are truly gluten free.

If you need to eat a gluten free diet then the best possible route is to eat a selection of fresh, unprocessed foods. Add your favourite gluten free breads, baking and desserts. The idea here is to keep your food selections as close to nature as possible.

Gluten Free Food List:

  • Fresh organic fruit
  • Fresh organic vegetables
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Gluten free flour
  • Vanilla beans (instead of bottled)
  • Organic cocoa
  • Gluten free mixes

For a complete list of gluten free foods visit in Canada and in U.S.

Foods to avoid

  • Milk drinks (flavoured)
  • Cheese spreads
  • Flavoured or frozen yogurt
  • Packaged cereals
  • Processed meat products
  • Dried fruits (may contain a dusting of wheat flour)
  • Fruits and veg's with sauce
  • Packaged desserts (puddings)

The basic idea here is any pre-packaged food unless labelled gluten free may contain gluten or wheat flour. The processing of these foods uses these components to thicken or to enhance the texture or appearance of the product. So, it's just safe to avoid these foods altogether.

Take a food list or reference book when gluten free shopping. Having a handy source of information available makes the process easier especially if you're new to shopping for a gluten free diet.

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