Gluten free Cookbooks

There are lots of gluten free cookbooks you can buy...but which ones are really good.

There are two schools of thought on this. Go with the old traditional ones from companies who having been baking gluten free for years. Or try the newest books on the market offering unique and interesting recipes.

Whichever your preference there are vast amounts of options available now. The newer recipes are getting creative and even eliminating the gums. There seems to be more research stating that guar and xanthan gum are unhealthy and resulting in allergies.

Here are some gluten free cookbooks to start you off:

Gluten-Free Baking ClassicsLow Fat Diet Cooking Books)


“Gluten-Free Baking Classics contains a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that Gourmet magazine claimed were ‘perfect’ and ‘dared anyone to detect that they weren’t made with traditional wheat flour.’ I took the challenge and tried a test recipe on chocolate chip cookie-lovers…only to find that Gourmet was right and I didn’t have enough taste samples to keep up with their enthusiastic appetites.” —Sue Ade, Morris News Service

“[Roberts’s] kitchen tested recipes make her baked goods lighter, and fluffier than the rest.” —Donna Gray, Calgary Herald

“We were captivated by these perfect chocolate chip cookies, [with their] crisp yet yielding texture, and we dare anyone to detect they weren’t made with traditional wheat flour…[the] rich but light…cake loses nothing from the absence of white flour.” —Gourmet

“This remarkable cookbook contains mouthwatering recipes, the directions are easy to follow and the hints are a welcome extra bonus.” — Elaine Monarch, Executive Director, Celiac Disease Foundation

Gluten free by Betty HagmanHealthy Diet Cooking Books)

With four previous gluten free cookbooks on the topic to her credit, Hagman is the authority on cooking for those with celiac disease and others allergic to wheat. This time she provides more than 200 recipes for sweet baked goods, from Lemon Spice Cake to Mock Oreos (for Oreo-deprived kids) to Mud Pie. Some of the recipes are appropriate for those with other dietary restrictions as well, and there's also a separate chapter of recipes that require no special ingredients (such as the special flours, xanthan gum, etc., with which many gluten-free baked goods are made).

BabyCakes Vegan Diet Books)

BabyCakes Covers the Classics is filled with timeless sweet and savory temptations that vegans, celiacs, and the health-minded can safely indulge in. Erin shows people of all stripes how to take control of a vegan, gluten-free pantry, and she proves that once you do, there are no limitations to what you can bake.

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